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Friday, May 29, 2020

Treatment for Diabetes-Modern and Orthodox Treatment - Peppertray

Diabetes is the condition where the body no more produces insulin or fails to absorb and utilize the available insulin. This position makes changes in blood glucose levels.

"The greatest wealth is health".

Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro)
So to maintain diabetes, or taking proper food in a scheduled manner is essential. The food must consist of good carbohydrates, fat and protein. Another crucial thing along with the food is a daily exercise. Exercise helps in bringing down the sugar levels and helps in leveling blood pressure. It encourages good fat and results in weight loss. Aerobic and strength training adds power to your body and muscles. It also prevents dangerous diseases like Brain stroke. Know here how dangerous Brain stroke is. In addition to this, medication is necessary to control and manage the disease.

What Are Diabetes Treatments?

Generally, the medication depends on the type of diabetes. If the patient has any other health complications, the doctor will consider the issues and the blood glucose levels. The patient can ask the medicine according to his budget.

Patients of diabetes type 1 do not support insulin production in their bodies. So they must take insulin through injections or pumps. Throughout the day they might need to take several doses. Insulin pumps are comfortable for some people. Also, many forms of insulin are available.

Type 2 diabetes patients can highly manage without medication if they follow a super active lifestyle with timely food schedule. However, some patients might need medication which is either insulin injections or pills. They inject the insulin under the skin. The doctor might suggest you use a combination of both. Even in some cases like pregnancy symptoms, you might have physical activity and good food. Injecting insulin is important in particular cases.

Ladies who have pregnancy symptoms or pregnant ladies who are suffering from gestational diabetes must take care of proper food. They must make exercise a daily habit. Watching the glucose levels during exercise is a very vital thing. After maintaining good food and exercise, some patients still needs insulin. In such cases, injecting insulin is necessary. The doctor will recommend you the medicines and insulin. Metformin is a diabetic pill you can use during pregnancy without any issues. According to the complications you have, the doctor can prescribe you.

"A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book."

Irish Proverb
The person can choose from a wide range of options to take insulin. It purely depends on some conditions like lifestyle, the way you prefer. Usually, people use needles and syringes. The other options include pen, inhalers, pumps, jet injector and injection ports. Consult your doctor and ask him for the suggestion.

Treatment for Diabetes » Modern and Orthodox Treatments

Treatment for Diabetes » Modern and Orthodox Treatments

Methods to take Insulin for Diabetes

  • By using syringes and needles. Syringes and needles are the methods many people prefer to use for giving shots. Take a syringe. Insert it to the bottle of insulin and now your insulin injection is ready. Inject it into the place where it works fast. Belly acts fast when you inject it. Although it is the primary place, the patient must inject it through other parts such as upper arms and thighs. Repeat it through buttocks also. A single dose is enough for the patient not taking insulin. If you are insulin taking patient, then you might need to take 2-3 injections a day.
  • By using pumps. Pumps are of two types. The first type consists of a plastic tube and has a needle. This pump helps in giving body steady doses during the day. It pumps insulin from the machine to the body until you remove it. The patient can attach the needle to the body and it remains the same for a long time. Just wear it with your belt. The second type does not have a plastic tube
  • By using the pen. Pens are the most comfortable way of injecting insulin. The shape itself represents a pen and it has a needle. Generally, pens come with insulin. One can use them and throw away. And other forms are reusable.
  • By using the injection port. There is no need for frequent injecting to the body. It has a small tube which you can attach to the skin and leave it for days. Later you can replace the port itself.
  • Jet injector. It sprays the insulin directly into the body at high pressure. The patient might select the option of treatment.
  • Another form of taking insulin is through an inhaler. This form is only for type 1 and types 2 diabetes patients. When a person inhales, it helps in reaching the insulin powder to the lungs directly. Do not use this method if you have any lung diseases like asthma. If you are a smoker this form of taking insulin is not good for you. 

Coming to the types of insulin, rapid-acting insulin starts to work within 15 minutes after injecting. It peaks in 1hour and the duration is 2 - 4 hours. The other type is short-acting or regular insulin where it starts to work 30 minutes after injecting. 2 - 3 hours is peak time. Duration is 3 - 6 hours.

Long-acting and intermediate types are the two other forms. Long-acting works for several hours after inserting it into the body. It does not peak and last 24 hours minimum. Whereas intermediate acting lasts for 12 - 18 hours and peaks in 4 - 12 hours. It works 2 - 4 hours after sending into the body. Choose the cost of insulin as some might be costlier. The doctor might prescribe you a combination of two insulins. Ask the doctor type of insulin suitable for you and how to use it.

"Those who have an enthusiasm and interest in life, stay young - no matter how 'old' they get. It is these people who often stay the healthiest and live the longest too."


Oral medication and other medication for Diabetes?

There are many medicines which you can take through the mouth to treat diabetes. Following a good diet along with good activity is a must along with medication. Metformin is an oral pill, it lowers blood sugar levels and makes body effective to use available insulin. Type 2 patients can take this drug and there are many more other medicines. The doctor might suggest one or more combination of oral medicines. The other type is injectables. Other than insulin, one might take injectable medicines. They reduce weight and keeps blood sugar levels low after you eat. Injecting medicines along with oral medication can help more in reducing blood sugar.

Other oral medications include Bromocriptine mesylate. It helps rising dopamine a chemical in the brain. Whereas it has the power to lower the glucose levels in the body with type 2 diabetes and does not treat type 1. Another medicine that is safe to take orally is AlogliptinThis is also called as DPP-IV inhibitor. It helps in increasing insulin when the glucose is in peak. One can combine metformin and Alogliptin as there is no issue gaining weight with both oral medicines.

What Are the Complications During Medication for Diabetes?

The complications can involve gaining weight, hypoglycemia, issues of the stomach. You must take proper diet and exercise along with medication. Otherwise, there are chances for these complications to develop. Ask your doctor and he might prescribe you accordingly.

The other treatments for diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2 are bariatric surgery. This surgery  usually removes weight and lowers blood glucose. This surgery is for type 2 patients. But recent 

research shows that it is effective in treating blood glucose of type 1 patients too. After having the 

surgery, there is no need for diabetic medication either oral or injection anymore for few people. The 

glucose levels depend on various factors of the patient. 


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