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Friday, June 5, 2020

Best weight loss tips that works - Peppertray

Dear friends, Today i was going to discuss the most crucial tips for losing weight. After reading this post, you will know losing weight is not at all difficult if you really focus and do it in appropriate manner. Did you gained over weight due to eating some nasty foods or due to low quality life style? Whatever the reason behind this is, you gained weight. Who does not want to shed those pounds and relieve from diseases? Everyone wants to cut off those pounds. Right? I promise, you can nearly cut those pounds by just sitting at home and doing the following things appropriately. You can reach your goal, if you really want it. That is the power of inner "you". Now, just do not waste the time, and just dive straight to the point

1. Intermittent fasting

What exactly it is? Giving a break for your food for a period of 12 hours and then continue eating food. Yes, what really happens when we do this fasting. Our body has a never ending mechanism. Suppose, if you have a cut on our body, then the cut will heal by itself for some days without giving any type of treatment for it. The same thing happens for the food also. The body will digest the food itself. But the time the body takes to digest the food, depends completely on the foods we eat. The body will take lot of time to digest complex carbohydrates, bad carbohydrates, junk foods, sugary foods, high calories food and pulses etc. It will digest fruits and vegetables easily compared to junks. So if we go on stuffing the body with these foods, the body does not have time to digest. A break is essential to digest foods. This fasting is already a proven method to lose weight. So plan for skipping breakfast and take lunch and dinner with simple and easy to digest foods. You can also even plan for skipping dinner and maintain breakfast and lunch too. But make sure to maintain a break of 12 hours. You can do this on regular basis. Implement this technique in right way for atleast 3 months. You will see marvellous results soon if you maintain proper food schedule and daily intake of water.

2.  Water, water and water

Do you know water is the major role in our weight loss journey. Also, how much our body consists of water? Our body is made up of 80 percent of water. So water brings drastically your weight down in no time. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water. It remove toxins in your body and improves in healthy weight loss. Along with this, it reduces cravings and appetite. Yes, drinking lots of water a day reduces want for food. This ends up in taking less quantity of food. The more the water, the more good it will do. Not only this, it also increase calories burning per hour

You didn’t gain all your weight in one day; you won’t lose it in one day. Be patient with yourself.– Jenna Wolfe

3. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Many surveys has already proven that people who eat fresh fruits specifically shed fast pounds when compared to others who eat all types of foods. Fruits contain antioxidants and they are vitamin rich. They are easy to digest and have major role in weight loss. Grab some fresh fruits and add to your diet. Never change the form of the fruits. Avoid adding sugar and taking it as juice. Fruits are vital and consume them as they are. Raw vegetables are good compared to fried ones. Always eat them as whole. And if you are unable to eat raw, then go for boiled as secondary. But it still loses some nutrition when compared to raw foods. Take some fresh fruits along with raw vegetables. 

4.  Go for green tea

 Do you know the benefits of green tea in weight loss. It is your best friend in your weight loss journey. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and is largely beneficial for shedding the pounds faster. Fat burning process improves with daily intake of green tea. Moreover it boosts immune system too. Macha green tea is more powerful when compared to a normal one. Daily, consume it, at least once during a day either during the morning times or in the evening.  Green tea without sugar is best compared to green tea with sugar.

5. Stop sugary foods

Stop sugary foods like sweets and cool drinks. They have lot of calories. And encourages huge level of cholesterol. So stop now eating these artificial sweeteners as they can lead to diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Most of the Americans are eating 15 tablespoon of sugar without knowing what they are eating. Most products in the market are artificial sweeteners which is a very dangerous thing to avoid. Eating this kind of foods could lead to worlds most dangerous diseases. Instead grab some quality foods and go for it. Go organic and eat fresh foods. 

6. Coffee without sugar

Who does not love coffee? Isn't it? A day does not start without having a sip of coffee. You don't have to sacrifice your coffee for any sake. This seems too good. But make sure to just avoid sugar in it. Coffee has rich anti oxidants that boosts metabolism thus keeping your day stay active. So, if you don't drink coffee you will really miss some of those magics it will make. With moderation, coffee always makes good for your health. Black coffee highly encourages weight loss. You can feel full with a cup of coffee without adding sugar. Moreover caffeine in coffee prevents diabetes. Now, just grab a cup of coffee. 

7. Take a calorie count

How many calories you must consume daily? According to your bmi, you can calculate your calories you need to consume daily. You can do it manually or you will have apps to calculate the calories you need to track. They will keep track on your daily calories you must consume according to your lifestyle activities. If you are an active person and are physically active. Then it calculates calories accordingly, if you are moderately active, then it calculates differently. As soon as you calculate, stop eating high calorie foods. Eat only low calorie diet which is easy to digest. And exercise daily to stay physically fit and strong.

"You have to believe in yourself when no one else does — that makes you a winner right there. – Venus Williams

8. Avoid refined foods

These foods contains huge amounts of bad fats, sugars and bad carbohydrates. They are made by removing extra shell containing fibre. Hence not good for health and excessive intake of refined foods leads to obesity. Stay far from these foods.

Stop eating foods with that are deeply fried, and stir fried are not good yet. Taking them rare is good. Habituate to a particular food schedule which starts with high protein breakfast and fibre rich foods. Refined foods, packed foods, milkshakes, and chocolate shakes, etc. contain extreme levels of sugar and make cravings more strong. If you go on this food, you will start to crave. Control and train your mind to stop this waste food cravings and substitute it for a healthier option instead. In the evening time you can take two biscuits or fruits instead. Nuts and pulses eating in limits is fine.

Make sure to go for organic products. Either it is vegetables or for fruits. As these products do not contain pesticide and are chemical free. If you are quite interesting to make a home garden, it is quite good. But if you cannot go into organic farming, don't worry you can buy fruits and vegetables in organic food store. You will get a fresh basket of fruits and vegetables. These are chemical free and contains complete level of nutrition. Foods that are not organic are not original and contains dangerous chemicals. So keep your food to stay quality rich.

8.  Switch to low carb diet

Eat foods with low carbohydrates. If rice is staple food for you, then never go for it or reduce taking it. Rice or pulses contains high carbohydrates which are not good for your health. Mainly polished or refined rice contains bad carbohydrates. Switch to brown rice instead of the regular refined one. Or you can totally skip rice and take salads

9.  Reduce your plate size

Yes. While having your dinner, lunch or for breakfast, your plate size decides your calories. If it is large in size, and have large potion, you end up eating huge. So minimze your plate size to reduce your total size. 

10. Exercise

Exercise plays major role in todays lifestyle. As we consume different varieties of foods on daily basis. For keeping the calories in moderation, you must keep active. Many jobs are having those employees to sit for longer times and thus leading to obesity. These people don'thave physical movement leading to stop blood circulation which in turn leads to obesity.  Highly obese patients are already prone to many dangerous diseases including heart strokes, diabetes. Keep in track of calories along with diet and exercise. Whether it is a small walk you take, it can just do miracle in your life. Just walk on stairs instead of lifts, you will see invisible difference in your weight loss. 

Seriously, this thing brings a lot of differences in your life. In the initial stage, it will be tough to do so. But later, your body starts to stay active and flexible. Never give up your health for the sake of temporary pleasures. You can still enjoy yourself eating everything but keeping in moderation is essential. Early in the morning, your body will have great metabolism rate. As your body sleeps during the night. And during this period, if you exercise calories will burn more faster when compared to calories burnt during the whole day. So here is your secret and make sure you utilise it to full potential. Exercising daily increases metabolism rate. 

You can join a gym where the coach trains to weight lifting as it strengthens body muscles from core. He might suggest diet according to your body. Weight lifting along with cardio gives astonishing results. Eat a healthy diet such as egg, carrots, nuts, green vegetables. Always avoid drinking energy drinks and drinks with added sugars. It is much better if you substitute it with coconut water, or water. 

Take foods that are rich in fiber. Specifically, water soluble fibre helps in feeling fullness. Fibre stops the appetite for longer time and keeps your tummy full. They make stomach to expand, and helps in releasing satiety hormones. Hence it stops craving for a long time.

Yoga is also best exercise you can do to develop your mental health along with physical health. If you love doing this kind of exercise, just go for it. It has many benefits and improves your health along with wellness.

Strength does not come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”– Nikki Rogers

Apart from these, your motive to lose weight and stay healthy is always the most powerful. Whatever the things you do, whatever you feed your mind to do, your mind does. Train your body to control your mind. Inorder to balance your body, train your mind. Just imagine what if you have shed those extra pounds you are unable to do from years. Visualise how it will feel like and train your mind to keep on visualising it..just train the mind, and it will show you the path to implement it at any cost.


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